Energy clearing smoke rituals using plants that grow near you

It’s not all just white sage and Palo Santo if you are eager to forage and get a bit wild!

A few weeks ago I stumbled across the Shift Network on Facebook via my business mentor George Kao. I had never encountered this crew and feel very grateful for the funny synchronicities of life.

One of the first few posts in their feed on that day was about a free workshop with Adriana Ayalas. The topic was “Indigenous Plant Medicine and Rituals from the Rainforest”. I’ve included the a video with Adriana further down this post if you’re interested in checking it out (it kicks in at about 4:40). This video is more of a general Q&A than the one I saw.

In the video I saw, Adriana discussed the tradition for using smoke as a way to clear negative energies in a room or in yourself. Adriana lives in Costa Rica and is a herbalist running a gorgeous business called Anima Mundi. She mentioned that you don’t need to use store bought bundles of dried herbs like White Sage or Palo Santo for these kinds of practices. In fact, she recommended collecting your own plants and making your own bundles for smokey energy clearing.

Adriana especially mentioned using herbs like lavendar, rosemary and thyme for their world remowned healing qualities.

The video I watched was a promotional video about her upcoming course with the Shift Network that I am excited to be participating in. I will be looking for the universal teachings in what Adriana offers and trying to bring them into a context for the plants I see around me – Australian plants. 

Lately, I have been creating a smokey energy clearing ritual before I start work and I have been including that little charred banksia pod you see above.

It is a sharp and penetrating smoke that I currently feel I only need in small doses.

I have been collecting rosemary and small amounts of tea tree which I’ve bundled up into homemade smoke clearing tools. More about those coming soon.

I have also purchased a number of items from Anima Mundi which I look foward to trying. They say:

“We carefully craft one of a kind formulas for mind + body, as well as source high potency single-origin extract powders.”

Anima Mundi About page. 

Although most of Anima Mundi’s plants are from other countries, I will be intersted in trialling them for processes like lucid dreaming and wellness.

Part of my mission with APFH is trying to fill the gaping hole which is Australian-centric information and perspectives like these.

Do you ever use the plants in your vicinity for energy clearing with smoke?

I’d love to share the journey with you. Let me know here or via socials what your experience has been 🙂

Here is the Q&A with Adriana I mentioned above.