Maca – Adaptogenic + Libido Booster


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Maca has been utilized as a medicinal food for centuries by the people of the high altitude Andes regions of Peru and Bolivia. Maca was an important staple of their diet as it is able to grow wild and survive the harsh climates. Maca supported the people to adapt, reproduce, and thrive in harsh conditions that include severe cold, rugged terrain, low oxygen, strong sunlight and intense winds.

Highly nutritious, maca has been used as a staple food source by the people of Central Peru for thousands of years, as well as a ceremonial offering in traditional sacred rites, as currency, and as medicine to improve overall health in both animals and people. The Incans first domesticated the plant over 2,000 years ago, and in the 1550s a Spanish conquistador chronicled his observations of traditional maca use in the Peruvian highlands.

Maca is known as an adaptogen, broadly supporting overall wellbeing and a healthy mood. According to folk belief Maca is an aphrodisiac, enhancing sexual desire in humans and domestic animals.

Maca is nutrient-dense and naturally rich in copper, vitamin C, potassium as well as trace elements like iodine, iron, and zinc, fatty acids, and amino acids. Maca has numerous health benefits that have been scientifically backed. It can lower blood sugar, increase exercise performance, help reduce menopausal symptoms, mops uplifted.

Anima Mundi’s maca is sun dried, cooked at a low temperature, then ground into a fine powder.

I buy this one in bulk from Anima Mundi and package up in store.

Organic Maca Powder from Peru


Mix 1 Tbsp per 16oz with water, or your favorite beverage, smoothie, or yogurt.

Store the container in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct contact with very bright light or sunlight as it might damage the product.


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