Learning about Indigenous Plant Medicine and Rituals of the Rainforest with Adriana Ayales - Part One

I’m going to be taking aspects of this course and experimenting with Australian plants + my own intuition…

As I mentioned in a previous blog about energy clearing smoke rituals using the plants that grow near you,     a few weeks ago I stumbled across the Shift Network on Facebook via my business mentor George Kao. I had never encountered this crew before and I was interested in what they offer. Gratefully, this is where  I first encountered the work of Adriana Ayales.

Adriana Ayalas is a Costa Rican herbalist who has trained in many healing traditions including with   curanderos in the rainforests of South America. She is also the founder of Anima Mundi Herbals.

During the initial video I saw with her where she discussed how to create   energy clearing smoke rituals using the plants that grow near you, I decided I would blend the teachings from the course she is running through the Shift Network and with my current curiosity about Australian plants + my own intuition.

When I was younger I read pretty much every book I could get my hands on about many different religions, trying to understand them and choose a philosophy for me to move forward with in my life. I read about Rastafarianism, Buddhism, Yogic Philosophy, Taoism and more.

What I came to understand is there are underlying threads that recur though all religions. It has been similar with my process of trying to understand shamanic teachings and indigenous culture; there are threads or undercurrents that are woven trough all these human patterns of understanding.

This post is called Part One becuase the course has five modules and i will share my key takeaways here without giving it all away! If you are interested in taking the course yourself, you can check it out here: COURSE INFO. The calls are recorded so it doesn’t matter if you can’t make it to the live dates. 

Today, Adriana expained the origins of disease and diagnostics in curanderismo. Curanderismo is the healing people of her lineage. There are many ways they interpret and treat ailments depending. on their natural gifts. 

Andriana also discussed Limpias which are cleansing practices including bundles of herbs, infused waters, eggs, fire and water. She discussed some key rainforest plants, their characteristics, what they help resolve and what they partner well with. 

She gave us a recipe for Florida water, explained the cardinal directions and shared a video of Dona Rosa giving a healing in a busy street – not a very relaxing, day spa style healing session 🙂

I am looking forward to lesson 2 – stay posted via Instagram 🙂

Anima Mundi is coming soon

Want to learn more about this range of plant medicine? 

Our first installment of Anima Mundi in Australia is going live in a matter of weeks…