How I use affirmations + Flower Insight Cards

when using Australian Bush Flower Essences

I have found working with the affirmations of the Australian Bush Flower Essences an invaluable part of the transformation process. I also love using the Flower Insight cards when prescribing an essence for a client.

After our session, I email the client a picture of the Flower Insight Card for the flower/s in the essence + the affirmations so she can start working with the plant allies right away, even before the essence arrives in the mail.

The image below is an example of the image I send via email. 

How I use the affirmations.

I write out each affirmation 10 times. When I am writing I keep a wide-open inner ear for the thoughts that arise in response to the affirmation. These are usually negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that stay hidden until they bump into the affirmation and would keep operating in my life if I hadn’t uncovered them.

I tend to do affirmation writing 1-5 times over the 14 days of taking the essence and recommend this for clients too.

How I use the Flower Insight Cards

I like to use the Flower Insight cards during diagnosis. I trust that the client will get a strong reaction when they SEE the flower. I see their pupils dilate and trust my own intuitive response to the image of the card too.

Then, just like the affirmations, I email off pictures of the flower card for the client to use until the essence arrives in the post.

The image at the top with the 4 flowers and affiramtions is for a recent client who was seeking help with business growth, planning and getting sh#t done.

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