How Australian Bush Flower Essences are made

and what happens once you book a session

Australian Bush Flower Essences are a vibrational medicine. They work on the subtle energy bodies/fields. Their biggest ninja powers are to correct imbalances in these fields.

Imbalances in the energy field manifest as emotions. 

That’s why I love to use Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) for issues that arise in day to day life. Our resistances, fears and worries poke their little heads up when we are trying to grow as people.

Most of the time we know what we NEED to do.

So why don’t we do it? 

Especially when we have a heap of modalities in our tool belt, established spiritual practices and established personal growth? 

Because these obstructions sometimes need a little energetic nudge and support.

I especially love the Australian bush. It has a profound spiritual and whole being impact on me (in a positive way). I am completely enamoured with our local plants and find them to be my allies. They can be your allies too and these essences are an easy way to connect with those energies on a day to day level.

The essences are made by by immersing the flower in a bowl of water in the sunlight. The essence of the flower is drawn into the water. This bowl of essence is the “stock” which is immediately preserved in alcohol. This is then taken back to the Ausflowers HQ and turned into stock essence which can be bought from their website.

I am currently studying with Ausflowers and just so happen to have the entire stock essences collection in my home!

So I am happy to conduct 1-1 consultations to help you find an appropriate essence and I’m also happy to act as a dispensary if you happen to know exactly what you want and don’t need a consult.

1-1 Consults

Before our 1-1 session, I send out a form you can fill in to answer a few key questions. Then, in our 1-1 on Zoom, we will figure out which essence is needed for you at this moment. 

I love to use numerology and the Flower Insight cards to assist in an intuitive selection of an essence for you. I have also found using journaling with affirmations while I take the essence to a wonderful extra sprinkle of transformational power. I find it so interesting to hear what my mind spews out when it is in contact with these affirmations. It peels away another layer for me. 

Straight after our session I will email you a photo of the Flower Insight card and the affirmation of your essence so you can start working with your plant ally straight away. I also make up your essence and post it out to you.  

Once you get your essence you can start taking it right away. The recommended dose is 7 drops under the tongue morning and evening. I like to keep it beside my bed and take it upon rising and before sleep. 

Dispensary Service

If you already know which single essence or blend you need, I am happy to bottle it up for you and act as a dispensary. You can access that service HERE.

Would you like to book a session for an Australian Bush Flower Essence?

I acknowledge the Djiringanj people of the Yuin Nation, the custodians of this beautiful land on which I live and work.

I also pay respect to all Elders past & present.

The spiritual connection that the Djiringanj people have with the Yuin Country cannot be broken.

Sovereignty has never been ceded.

Thank you for taking such good care of the wild, beautiful places of Araganu, the coastline and forests where I get nurtured.