Boost your immunity naturally

Having kids in the house means I am going to be exposed to colds and flu. Recently I’ve been high dosing a few key plant foods to boost my immunity. Here’s my faves list.

It’s that time of year, whether it’s relating to things in the news or just being a hu-mammal in winter, if you are like me, you are either:

  • thinking about your immunity and how to boost it
  • dealing with colds and flu in your household

I have always loved a good dose of ecchinachea tea and some ginger with hot honey lemon drinks. Basil leaves and pepper. All the easy pantry plant allies for fighting colds and boosting immunity.

And this year I’m very grateful to have some turbo friends in my cupboard. I’m especially loving the Black Elderberry elixir and Cold’s Cocktail in the throes of a cold. I’m also focussing on keeping my immunity topped up in between bouts of seasonal colds and flu with regular and yummy doeses of reishi and the Mushroom Mocha Milk.

I have been just trusting my intuition and taking whatever dose feels in flow for me and I was happily surprised when I did some deeper digging on the scientific research on these ingredients.

The other thing I’m loving is that some of these are happily consumed by my kids so I can easily support their bodies wtih these power foods too.

When I’ve got the cold already…

So, when I had the cold already I hit hard on to main herbal supplements:

Cold’s Cocktail

Black Elderberry Syrup

I was taking the Black Elderberry in a couple of ways.

Either neat, on a spoon like cough syrup when my throat was sore,


in juice with the Cold’s cocktail for a bit of a punch in the face to the cold.

I was taking Cold’s Cocktail:

either with juice and Elderberry as mentioned above


in a hot honey lemon tea for sore throat/morning vibes.

What got me thinking when I was taking the Elderberry was the number of mushrooms in it so I had a bit of a dig around because: what are the mushies in the anti-viral???

Turns out, all of the adaptogenic mushrooms like Reishi, Maitake and Shiitake have a load of scientifically verified anti-influenza and anti viral properties! Check out the links under “Medical Research” HERE

There’s also a great blog here from Anima Mundi about the mushroom powers.

How I get my kids to take it

There was no major magic to it because these two are really yummy…

The Elderberry is a bit spicy with the high-potency ginger.

And the Cold’s Cocktail is pretty neutral except for a gentle garlic undertone.

So….if I put enough juice with it, they just gulped it down (well one of them did and the other drank it begrudgingly – Mr 10 & 11).

My 2 fave, daily, easy immune boosters 

One – Cacao or decaf coffee with Mucuna and Reishi

I try to remember to do this one daily, a nice warm milky drink 🙂

1 cup plant based milk (I like oat milk lately)

1 tsp organic cacao

1/2 tsp of ground cinnamon (to reduce bleeding I have with peri-menopause)

1/2 tsp Mucuna

1/2 tsp Resihi

I jsut whisk these together as I heat the milk and yum good yes. I don’t even need sweetener (most days).

And if I’m having the decaf version I just switch out the cacao for the decaf coffee shot. And no, this picture does not represent my kitchen or my drink LOL.

Two – Mushroom Mocha Milky drink

This delicious little bag of goodness has all the bits already if I need a quick boost of the mushy magik. It’s got the cacao, coconut cream and 7 mushies all bundled up ready to go: Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Lions Mane, Agaricus, Shiitake, and Maitake.

So I just pop a tablespoon of Mushroom Mocha Milk into some plant based milk, heat and whisk and yum. Mega mushrooom hit and quick and easy. 

Other options for a quick and easy combo mushie boost are the Adaptopgenic Immortality or the Adaptogen Tonic.

Again – this picture does represent my home reality. These gorgeous pics are from the Anima Mundi stash. 

A couple of other good recipes from the Anima Mundi blog:

Click on these to check out more recipe ideas:




I hope this helps you to feel happy and healthy.

What are your fave immune boosters and flu fighters?