Australian Plants & Plants for Healing

I am drawn to the plants of this land where I was born. The plants that are all around me, here in Australia. I feel happiest when I’ve been in wild nature for any period of time. Do you experience that peace and contentment when you connect with raw nature? 

I began to get curious about Australian plants through my art practice. Whenever it was time to draw in art class I would always want to draw the native plants, the leaves and the seeds, the flowers and the stems.

Every year when I sit a 10 day Vipassana course, I connect deeply with the plants. I feel that I could never be lonely in the bush. I am with “beings” in a way I can’t explain rationally.

But when I started to look for information about

Australian plants for healing, 

the rituals and traditions around Australian plant medicine,

and spirituality,

the information seemed vague, obstructed or simply not there.

So, I am on a mission to figure out what these plants around me have to offer me, you and all of Australia (and possibly the world). I have a strong sense that a gulf of cultural disconnect could be bridged if we ate more plants of this land.

In fact there are a number of ways I want to explore plants in Australia:




Ritual & Spirituality


I’m currently undertaking training in Australian Bush Flower Essences   & Indigenous Plant Medicine & Rituals from the Rainforest with Adriana Ayales of Anima Mundi. I will be exploring sewing my own clothes using plant fibres and low-tox plant dyeing using the training from Rebecca Desnos.

Future Possibilities

If there is enough interest I would love to :

Provide Australian Bush Flower Essence sessions  & workshops 

Provide indigenous plant connection and use sessions & workshops

Be a stockist for Anima Mundi products in Australia

Highlight Australian companies who provide Australian plants and associated products

and more

If you are interested in collaborating, please email me. 

Unfortunately, we live in a racist society and I am white, so please call me out if you read anything here that is out of line:

I am VERY open to learning and changing this oppressive system

MUCH LOVE x Natasha